21: Crisis

So, unlike Boris Johnson, mojo is now dead in a ditch. But that’s okay because it has been replaced with crisis and I find crisis is a pretty powerful motivator.

The elements of our current crisis involve various family matters – granny’s broken hip, college placement uncertainty, vulnerable niece having a career breakdown – and are far too complex, personal and, well, boring, for me to go into. Suffice to say that at the moment I have very little time to spend thinking about what I should eat and how much I am exercising.

This might surprisingly turn out to be somewhat beneficial. I am a great believer in the idea that being distracted from the relentless focus on oneself and one’s weight and body image can leave one’s subconscious a bit of space to self-regulate in a healthy way. I just hope I don’t start feeling sorry for myself and begin self-medicating with bottles of wine.

But for now, I am energized by all that I need to get done so perhaps some good stuff will come out of all this mess.

Here’s hoping.

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