5: Busy

I have been a busy bee this week. Far too busy to spare much time obsessing about what I eat and drink. This is excellent because not only has the whole food/drink focus become rather boring, but it is also, I believe, counter-productive.

Instead I have been immersing myself in the gigantic task of clearing out and sorting my daughter’s bedroom. To give you an idea of the extent of the mess in that particular hell-hole, think of one of the worst Marie Kondo houses and then times it by 20. The job has been one of those where things have to get a lot worse before they get better, and I am still a long way off finished. But it will be enormously satisfying once I’m done.

chaos-Image by levelord from Pixabay
Image by levelord from Pixabay

Food-wise I have been focusing on cooking really lovely, healthy food, such as my orzo and roast Mediterranean veg salad with feta, olives and a garlic lemon vinaigrette – hmmm. My love affair with sea bass (pan fried in extra virgin olive oil and a little sea salt) continues unabated, and I have discovered the indescribable joy of pomegranate molasses salad dressing. Why have I not known about this before? It takes salads to a whole new level. And apparently it is really healthy…!

roast med veg
Veggies ready for roasting for orzo salad.

Talking of salads, I actually ordered one when I went out for dinner on the weekend. Granted, it featured a sumptuous array of things like marinated artichokes and aubergine (eggplant) as well as a hefty wodge of melty chevre, but anyone who knows me knows that this is not my usual restaurant order. I noticed that Fat Fella, who had opted for a creamy seafood pasta dish, was eyeing it quite covetously.

So much for not thinking and talking too much about food.

I am being like one of those weight loss TV programmes that drag out the weigh-in-results as long as possible and then have an ad break before the big reveal. Did I or did I not lose weight this week? Is my journey to good health and a leaner body going well or should I just give up on the whole thing?

Insert ad break here….


  • Week five: 10 June 2019 – Minus 2 kg
  • Total weight loss: Minus 3 kg (6.5 lbs)

    emotiguy-thumbs up Image by SilviaP_Design from Pixabay (2)
    Image by SilviaP_Design from Pixabay


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